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Pierre Cardin Bath 

  • 1992
    He was born in Venice.

  • 1945
    He settled in Paris and started working with some of the world's most famous fashion designers at the fashion house in ‘La Paix’.

  • 1946
    He worked with Christian Dior.

  • 1950
    He founded his own company and designed theater costumes.
  • 1953
    He presented his first 'ready to wear' collection for women.
  • 1954
    He opened his first boutique in Paris.
  • 1960
    He began to be recognized worldwide and created a clothing collection for men.
  • 1963
    He presented the collection of 'Cosmo corps' that introduces the world to the tights madness.
  • 1966
    He presented his children's clothing collection for sale and was among the best selling brands in the United States.
  • 1967
    He designed the iconic style of the ‘Beatles’. The short skirts and patterned stockings designed for the young fans are the symbol of the period's music and the concept of freedom.
  • 1970
    In the centre of Paris, he opened a cultural center called 'Espace Pierre Cardin'. The center has been serving young artists, sculptors and designers for 30 years.

  • 1982
    First, 'Retrospective Cardin' exhibition was held in Tokyo. The same exhibition was held in Montreal, Milan, Athens and Istanbul in the following years.
  • 1985
    He won the most creative man award in Milan and the 'Fashion Oscar' award from the French fashion industry. In 1989 he went to India and presented his spring / summer collection.
  • 1990
    He wrote his book,' Past Present Future', about his development in the design world.
  • 1991
    He became a UNESCO honor ambassador and designed jewelry and medals to sell for the benefit of UNESCO-Chernobyl. In June of the same year, he exhibited his designs to 200,000 people in the Moscow Red Square.

  • 1992
    He accepted the membership of the Academy of Fine Arts at the French Institute and became the first fashion designer to design a 'King Crown' which represents immortality.
  • 1993
    He performed a very special fashion show in Vietnam and sat on the agenda of the world press and succeeded in attracting the attention of the whole world to Vietnamese children.
  • 2001
    He repaired the castle 'Lacoste' which he bought in March, and organized it as a stage where theater activities are held in the memory of the Marquis De Sade.
  • 2002
    He published 'Pierre Cardin Evolution' and opened the 'Past-Present-Future' museum.
  • 2007
    He was awarded the fashion award by the Council of Fashion Designers of America.
  • 2010
    He published '60 years of Innovation 'and received the' Legendary Award 'by Fashion Group.
  • 2016
    Pierre Cardin bathroom cabinet collection was exhibited at the Unicera fair.
  • 2017
    ‘Exclusive Collection’ and Armature models have increased product diversity.
  • 2018
    In the rapidly changing world, different habits and tastes are evident in the bathrooms. Pierre Cardin Bath follows these developments and changes the atmosphere of our bathrooms with its exclusive collection.