Trade Guard

When you are buying from other countries' suppliers, the most important question is whether the goods that you are going to purchase will reach you in the shape/specifications/quantity/quality that you ordered and paid.

Not always, but sometimes the things will not go smoothly and when you are doing global imports from different countries, you might be disappointed with what you get for the money you paid.

If you want to make sure that your global imports be safe 100%, you can try to do business with the suppliers who have Trade Guard. 

Trade Guard is an assurance that if the goods you receive from your supplier are not in the correct shape/specifications/quantity/quality, your money that you paid is safe, and you can receive back your back if you want.

To enjoy the comfort and safety of Trade Guard system, please check if your supplier has a valid Trade Guard Certificate by

The Trade Guard system is only valid for the goods you buy from the suppliers who have a valid Trade Guard Certificate issued by

For getting any confirmation for any supplier on Online Marketplace, you can also contact us directly.

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