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Start exporting to the Chinese market, the world's largest country, 1.5 billion people!

  • In Chinese, which means '' I am going to World, '' 518global.com (wo you shijie) (518shijie.com) Online Marketplace, your own online store, your office, create your showroom, and start reaching one and a half billion, and even more together with neighbour countries, you can sell your products to a total of 2 billion potential customers.

  • You can build your own store, office, showroom in 2 minutes and reach your potential customers in China 24 hours a day, 365 days a week.

  • You can reach your potential export customers in China instantly and cost-effectively. All you have to do is open a store, showroom, office at 518global.com. And you can do it for free.

  • In the 1-day 'Singles Day' sales campaign in 2018, over 80 billion USD sales were made in 1 day on the internet. In November 2018, China International Import Fair held a sales deal of 57 billion USD within 5 days. You can reach this great potential in China at 518Global.com without cost, and easily.

  • Due to the time difference, even if when you are sleeping, one and a half billion potential customers in China will be able to see your products and be able to visit your showroom. You can also reach potential investors for your investment projects and have the chance to find investors and financing from China. Just open your store at 518Global.com, or add your investment projects.

  • 518Global.com, an active and effective Business Fair / Marketplace for 365 days 24 hours, is marketing all products directly from its headquarters in Shanghai and Hong Kong, China to many potential buyer groups , being in the most important cities in China. Once your potential customers like your products, they will contact you directly and you will have the opportunity to get order.

  • 518Global.com is an online marketplace. Our company has been operating as a foreign company in Shanghai and Hong Kong, China for 16 years in the area of sourcing, supply management and marketing goods. We are the sourcing and supply management professionals as well as the Chinese domestic market entry, sales management professionals. With all the vast experience in China market, we were able to start this project to bring all the World's Suppliers to China market, helping them enter to this huge market and thrive in this never-ending opportunities market.
  • With the valuable Belt and Road Initiative of China, a lot of good intention projects have started. For us, the business people, Belt and Road is about investments and bilateral trade, specifically China investing to the possible projects all around the world for joint-ventures, know-how sharing for production. And specifically, exporting to China from all around World, bringing more well qualified suppliers to China market. It is what we understood from the Belt and Road Initiative and well-supported Shanghai International Import Expo, so we have started this huge project 518Global.com with good intentions, to help companies all around the World enter China market, selling their goods and at the same time helping the Chinese importers to find well-qualified suppliers all around the World with the great ease and comport by using a full functioning Online Marketplace that an importer can find any tools, any services that they will need for importing.
  • And at the same time help China investors find the well-matching investment projects and opportunities all around the World, as these 2 areas are our main profession in China since 2003.
  • If you want to see the Chinese market or get support when you participate in the fairs, you can contact us directly, we are ready to help you in any way. Our goal is to work to increase your exports to China. To help enter as many companies as possible into such a big market like China, to help you sell goods and help you build your brand. In addition, to help you find investment financing and investors in China to contribute to the increase of your production capacity and investments. 

Join us and Start exporting now.


Open a store/showroom/office in China!

  • You can Open Your Own Store on 518Global.com Marketplace in 2 minutes. Simply sign up and then send a request on your My Account section and you are ready to go. After your online store is set up for free, then create your company profile for your customers and start adding your products in your store.

  • Companies with overseas licenses are eligible for 518Global.com (except the companies in China, which are only eligible to buy on 518Global.com)

  • As an open platform marketplace, 518Global.com Marketplace provides the infrastructure to host your storefront and unfiltered access to hundreds of millions of shoppers and B2B professional purchasers.

  • Operating a 518Global.com Marketplace storefront is more like operating your own B2C and B2B website, offering autonomy from design to all export and trading operations to fulfillment and logistics.

  • When your store is set up, you can build your store with all the integrated management tools.

  • You can check the real buying requests (RFQ) of the real B2B wholesale buyers and start giving quotations.

  • You can set up your export invoices with your company information and your invoices will be sent to your customers automatically after the order is placed. So, you no more need to prepare invoices for your exports, which saves a lot of time for you.
  • You can add your products with all kinds of product features and attributes so that your products can be easily differentiated from your competitors.
  • You can create bundle products to sell together or create packs for promotion selling.
  • You can start auctions for any of your products so that you can catch the highest offers to sell your products. 
  • You can assign your products to Global Products list if you have competitive price advantage for a globally competitive product, then the buyers will easily find you.
  • You can easily manage your retail sales and also wholesale sales within your management cockpit so that you can sell your products to different customer segments. 
  • If you have a huge product list, then you can use the integrated mass upload system to upload your excel (csv) file and all your product data can enter into your store automatically (as an alternative to create each product one by one) 
  • With the Pre-order system, you can create products which needs to be pre-ordered by your customers so that for some of your products you don’t need to keep a stock quantity but you can produce on demand.
  • If you have a booking type products with time/period limits (like booking a hotel, an appointment, flight ticket, tours, etc.), you can create your booking products and can get orders immediately.
  • You can create your own manufactures and suppliers in your management area.
  • In your store you have an integrated Customer Help Desk, where you can manage your customers issues (ticket based) / Communications / demands very easily without missing any.
  • You have an integrated Dashboard, that you can see all your activity on one single page and see your performance of export operations.
  • You can see and follow all your orders on your management cockpit, see the customers, payment statuses, total sales amounts, etc. on a neat list, so your order management and follow up works will be eased amazingly. 
  • You can see your transactions, total earnings and you also have a private supplier wallet inside where you can manage all your transaction and money works.
  • For marketing promotions for your products you can create vouchers and coupons for all or some of your products, for a specific customer or for all customers and you can organize sales promotions inside your store.
  • You can get your payments by credits cards and bank transfers via integrated global payment gateways. You are free to choose the payment gateways that you want to work with (Paypal, Mangopay, Adyen Pay, Iyzico, Braintree, Worldpay)
  • When it comes to logistics, you can create you own shipping methods and also can use integrated express delivery services like DHL, UPS, Fedex, Usps applications on your Management cockpit. Also you can organize your shipments by container vessels and air cargos.
  • More functions are coming…

Join us and Start exporting now.


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